Staffing Agencies: Keeing the Human Element in Today's Job Search

Staffing Agencies: Keeing the Human Element in Today's Job Search

According to figures released earlier this year, 5.7 million jobs remain unfilled across the United States. On the other end of the spectrum, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports just over 5.9 million people are actively looking for work. Shouldn’t the two sides be meeting somewhere in the middle? Granted, there would still be a gap in supply versus demand, but it’d be a lot smaller than what’s on the charts right now.

In truth, employers and potential employees are trying to find each other. Job searches are being performed, applications and resumes are being submitted, and ISO pleas are being posted. Despite all the efforts and the technology designed to bring the two forces together, it’s still not as simple as shaking hands and signing a contract. Not all jobs are right for all members of the workforce, and not all active searchers are interested in just any opening.

Staffing agencies have a hand in bridging the gap. Though prospects and proprietors have largely veered toward solely online platforms when it comes to seeking qualified personnel and suitable positions, many believe technology should be a tool rather than a sole means to an end. Software and the internet go a long way toward filtering through relevant resumes and job openings, but paying attention to the underlying details takes a human touch.

From the employers’ end, staffing agencies take into account positions needing to be filled as well as qualifications, expectations, time frames, and a wide range of other aspects. When it comes to applicants, staffing specialists screen skills, experience, education, availability, and a number of other elements. Then, they act as an advocate for both.

When you put the human element back into the equation, you get just the right blend of technology and thought. Staffing agencies aid prospects in finding the right jobs to fit their qualifications and career paths while helping employers fill open positions with the best candidates for the jobs. The search may not be a simple process for those on either end of the spectrum, but a staffing agency can help make sure the two have a better chance of meeting in the middle.

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