Advantages of Using the iCloud

Advantages of Using the iCloud

The iCloud makes it easy to restore its data on a new device. Thanks to iCloud, it is possible to recover the data from an iPhone. Simply buy a new iPhone and enter the iCloud account ID information to access all the data saved – and retrieve an “image” of the smartphone which will be used to reset the device. Using could prove very useful in this case.

Whether it’s photos, emails, automatic backups or documents, iCloud offers to store and/or synchronize all of its data on the iOS and macOS. Only, with 5 GB free, Apple will quickly send alerts informing of an insufficient quota to proceed with another umpteenth automatic backup. Note: it is possible to use shared photo albums to enjoy free online storage. To optimize the use of this quota, it may be useful to check how the storage is used and, if necessary, to disable some applications by deleting their backup.

Already, if you regularly backup iOS on iTunes, then it is possible to disable those performed automatically on iCloud. Apple offers advanced settings to determine which applications can store data on iCloud and, thus, gradually fill the space available. Depending on the size occupied, for example, you can choose to block certain games, clear graphic manipulations or documents. Among particularly large data, experts find backups are made automatically by iCloud. These will restore the device to an almost identical state. But Apple also offers several configuration options.

Every day, when the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is connected to a Wi-Fi network and connected to AC power, iOS makes a backup of the device. If this daily rhythm does not suit you, be aware that it is not possible to change this recurring task. However, you can perform backups at a weekly pace via the iTunes software. For its online storage service, Apple offers only 5 GB free. Depending on the use, this space will fill up more or less quickly. There are some basic operations to optimize the use of this quota, so it is important to know and understand these when ready.

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