A Home for My Heart

A Home for My Heart

So far, my college years have been very memorable. I have had some of the best moments and experiences here at my university. I met a lot of amazing friends, insightful professors, and learned valuable life lessons. I would not trade it for anything in the world. Unfortunately, all is not perfect. One problem is my current living condition. I stay at the dorm at my school. I dislike staying there for numerous reasons. My girlfriend Becky and I decided that we would live off-campus next year. We looked for Manassas Park apartments

My girlfriend Becky and I have been dating since freshman year. I can’t see myself with anyone else besides her. She is all I need. We love to spend what little time we have together. That is hard to do with our hectic, academic schedule. Another hindrance to our relationship is the dorm.

Our dorms have very strict rules. They for the most part are not co-ed. Men and women live in separate buildings. I always thought it was weird to separate us like that. I felt that we were young adults and could be trusted to make the right decisions. We also could not have guests of the opposite sex after nine at night. I thought that was such a lame rule for us to follow. I hate cutting time with my girlfriend.

Recently, our semester ended. We decided to get an apartment together before next semester. We both had part time jobs to help us pay for the apartment. My parents also offered to help as long as my grades were on point. We found a nice apartment. It has a swimming pool and a golf course. It also has its own conference room and study quarters. I a, going to love moving into this place.

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