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About ME: My name is Jocelyn, 21 years old from Elk Grove: My favorite movie "The Sex Thief" and favorite book about sex "Novels about pornography‎ (6 P)". Now i just want to fuck and play. I want it from a man - Sex where the cat doesn’t jump on the bed and interrupt. I like literature and theatre! I like collecting books. And, hopefully, go to something long term after a while. Sex symbol of all time in my opinion is Melanie Griffith! Hi, i'm single very sexual you girl.

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DESCRIPTION: I love reading about sex!

Ed Shed: I love how some of them talk like they talk in the tv series allo allo

NIGHTVAX: This is exactly what race baiting black affirmative action activists do, they shift the blame to others.

Plastic Bag: First seeing the thumbnail i thought it was pewdiepie

Nakaza 94: she knows about sex stuffВ i like her

Lucas Renoldi: Haha I'm laughing so hard I'm also a Filipino but I'm just good at speaking English. all of this are so true,thank u for letting other people in other countries see this.

Walter Mccue: And. If you are dating a Portuguese person, or want to, do not take this badly, but when we get pissed off or annoyed, we swear a lot.

Chris Hartwig: Annnnnnnnnndddddd she left with the money. errrrr i mean the Arabe guy.

TokyoAnime: Should make new zealand woman lol

Papy Tromblon: I like how in America supposedly times are changing and it's becoming almost insulting to ask a woman to play the role of a woman, but to Russian men they just give no fucks.

Kartofche Bg: So kill me now

Alina Ryabova: Great works guys!

Potato Comet: J'ai beaucoup rit

Monique Ford: Turkish guys are hot

Ronnie B: Don't make plans when soccer is on that's fine, but a broken car is not planned :'D

SingingMyBlue: Can you do what it's like to date an Italian man please?

Rashani 93: I come from the vagina, and I'm tired of questions have you seen something when he lived there?

IR GAGA: Haha.exactly Filipinos. .

Lord Agni: Un trrraidor, boludo!


Randall Flagg: Laci was soooooo cool until she came out as a feminist

Linpaws: You're so true! I dated real Russian man from St. Petersburg and he's absolutely amazing! I've learned a lot from him, health-wise and lifestyle, cos physically Russian people are very healthy and powerful.

Karl Riegler: I mean, just. what is the point of sex? I just don't get it. Nobody should be stigmatized for their sexual or non-sexual preference, though.

Belinda Xaba: That is not yorkshire accent. at all, the first woman who did the yorkshire accent i mean

Mcmofo690: I'm from reunion island and your videos about relationships really help me : i totally agree with you :

Do Tell is a crowdsourced compilation of anonymous, true, personal stories about sex and sexuality. This story-sharing blog is an extension of the oral history . Collection of free short sex stories from I'm keen to see my younger sexy wife fucked silly by this huge black cock, she is lusting after her. Stories are queued for 8am EST and 4pm EST (when there are some to be queued). way home, he'd find that his wife had completely vanished off the face of the Earth. . She's doesn't appear to be a slut outright, but she oozes sex appeal.

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My wife, with her 38C cup tits and athletic body, is much younger than me has an unsatisfied sexual drive that my small 4 inch white cock cannot satisfy. Often during the height of sexual passion I broach the subject of her considering taking another man. This badgering went on for a few years with my sexual ability declining as hers reaches crescendo.

Eventually, in desperation and sexual frustration she agreed to consider taking another man. Her stipulations were that he be younger than her, be well endowed and clean and have staying power.

Oh, and that I would be welcome to watch her being thoroughly Wife Sex Stories Tumblr by a well hung man. Wife Sex Stories Tumblr the envelope I asked if she would consider a big black cock. She smiled and said Wife Sex Stories Tumblr would add an exciting new dimension and skin colour contrast. That from a young age she had often fantasised about being fucked by a big black cock.

So the parameters had been set. It was about this stage of our marriage that she suggested we visit naturist nudist resorts so she could check out the smorgasbord of cocks on display.

This we did which I enjoyed being naked in the outdoors at naturist camps and beaches. We have since been to many in many countries. She always gets delight in asking me to find a nudist with a smaller cock than mine. She also likes to point out large cocks that appeal to her saying look at that big one Wonder what it would be like inside my un-stretched cunt.

Recently we spent ten days at a naturist camp and due to the heat spent a lot of the time in or Wife Sex Stories Tumblr the pool. My wife soon palled up with a tall young black man who was exceptionally well endowed. We sat together, swum together, had lunch and drinks together and we all seemed very relaxed. He must have seen our problem, me with a small 4 inch white cock, a younger sexy wife who was not getting her requirements and him with a big solution hanging between his legs.

Every day the relationship became more intimate and relaxed. I was happy that my wife had found someone that turned her on and that she could see what was on offer.

Never having had a stranger in our sex life at the end of an evening he would go his way and we would retire to our cabin. Being naked my wife was highly aroused by our new found BBC friend and frantically fucked me.

She said that he was the antithesis of me for although we were both six foot three inches tall, his younger torso was chiselled and without an ounce of fat whereas I had a flabby tummy. He had an uncircumcised cock that fascinated her especially the head covered in a black velvet foreskin compared to my small circumcised white cock with head fully exposed. That my small cock was at one end of the penis size scale and the BBC was at the other large end. As she tried to wank my miserable manhood back to full erection she said.

He certainly ticks all our criteria for a stranger to fuck me, even the taboo black element. At lunch the next day he sat in a patio chair, legs wide apart with this huge thick black cock hanging limply over his thigh. I sat to the right of my wife my small white flaccid cock just a rumple of foreskin in comparison. My wife sat naked between us her magnificent tits pushed out and her legs fragrantly Wife Sex Stories Tumblr apart showing her shaved cunt to both of us.

Her labia were swollen with lust and the moisture on her labia glistened in the sun. The sensual tensions were high with all of us anticipating and hoping which direction this would take. Despite the desire no one could suggest the next step. So this was still a real and visual fantasy, eye candy for any red blooded woman.

We parted and exchanged e-mails. Initially all attempts by me to e-mail BBC resulted in no reply. She was most disappointed about lost opportunity. Then we received and e-mail from BBC saying he would like to keep contact and meet up with us again. So where do we go from here? When I opened the bathroom door I was pleasantly surprised — make that delightedly surprised.

There stood Rick, the boyishly good-looking husband of Maddie, just shy of his 40th birthday and only now beginning to develop the paunch that afflicts so many men in their middle years. He was deeply tanned, with surfer blonde hair that hung just above his shoulders.

Aboutpounds, and a nice little bubble butt — which I was now admiring because he had his swimming trunks down around his knees as held himself up against the wall with his left hand, his right circled around his cock, which was poking straight out.

It was aimed at the toilet. The fact that Rick was married was forgotten. The chill of the AC, the quiet of the house, and my wobbly equilibrium after three beers — all of it was forgotten as I stepped inside and shut the door behind me, locking it. I want to use this bathroom. He made a face at me. His hand slowly stroked that big, thick cock of his. Wife Sex Stories Tumblr balls were nothing to complain about either.

I came up behind him and pushed down my own baggy shorts. I grabbed his hips and pushed my cock against his butt. And it was true. I had always had the hots for Rick. It was covered in fine bristles that made you know he did have some pubes down there. I could smell the musk of his asshole.

I molded myself to his back as I thrust my steel-hard dick up and down through the channel of his heat. Without thinking I reached around and grabbed his dick Wife Sex Stories Tumblr my right hand and that luscious package of balls with my left, and I began jerking him. He put both hands against the wall and gyrated his hips, allowing my cock to get even deeper into his sweaty, stinking crack, while his cock slide greasily in my grip.

I had the alcohol to thank for this. I had made sure of that, supplying him with high-alcohol craft brews and Jello shots all afternoon. And now I ground against him, his body squirming and sliding against mine as the alcohol in his body converted to sweat.

Then there was the plunk, plunk, plunk of sperm shooting into the toilet. That was it for me. Something inside my skull began to glow like a reactor about to blow and I erupted with a gusher of scalding white cum that blew out of his crack and gathered in a slimy, quivering pool at the base of his spine. I lay against him a moment, our sweat commingling, and then I backed away and pulled up my shorts.

He was grinning drunkenly and his eyes were closed. I left him there and went outside, where Beth and the others waited. Rick ambled out and plopped down on one of the Igloo coolers, his legs spread wide, the lump of that cock and those balls clearly visible beneath the fabric.

Some of the guys yelled at Wife Sex Stories Tumblr to come join them in the pool. And then I saw it: There, just above Wife Sex Stories Tumblr waist of his swimsuit in the back, was a huge glob of pearly white Wife Sex Stories Tumblr. Without thinking I Wife Sex Stories Tumblr a bottle of sunblock and squirted a huge dollop on his back. When it became obvious that I was, I staggered off and fell into the pool to hide my escalating boner. The last Sultan of Zanzibar had concubines!

Eunuchs guarded the harem not to prevent the girls escaping but to prevent men entering to service these sex starved gathering of girls who were definitely not getting their fill. Do those young women get sexual fulfilment? The ex-president of South Africa, has 6 wives in true Zulu tradition and many mistresses. Are they satisfied or do they look elsewhere for gratification?

Mormons the world over are allowed multiple wives. Can one husband do bedroom justice to so many sexually demanding women? Likewise, Muslims can take four wives who live in separate houses.

Are they satisfied or are they dependent on lesbian sex or vibrator relief? In contrast to the above there is a tribe in China that one woman takes two men usually blood brothers.

She lives in the village with one partner while the other man works for say two weeks of the month on the country farm then they switch so she gets the other man to join her in bed and minister to her sexual demands.

Now to me this sounds highly civilised. Two men servicing Wife Sex Stories Tumblr sexual requirements of one woman. After the annual harvest of the sweet potato or taro crop there was a festival. During the festival week bands of 5 young girls would seek out a young man and each girl in turn would have sex with the boy. They would then hunt down another boy and another throughout the week until all the girls had slept with all the boys.

When they fell pregnant the child was a child of the tribe as they could not ascertain the biological father. It was a matriarchal society where the females were the sexual aggressors and initiators.

So my philosophy in Wife Sex Stories Tumblr 21 st century with much more liberated bedroom ideas is that as opposed to the male having multiple female partners the women should have multiple male partners. Can you imagine a female living with say four men? They each go out to work every day so the household income quadruples. They come back to take their turn with the Wife Sex Stories Tumblr be it one-on-one or even more exciting for the woman all four men in bed with the woman.

A gangbang every night! References to cuckolding appear in literature as early as the 13th century.

Hot or not and badoo Each passing hour gets me more and more turned on,... Wife Sex Stories Tumblr Do Tell is a crowdsourced compilation of anonymous, true, personal stories about sex... Wife Sex Stories Tumblr She just got caught up in the middle of their deal. As I pounded my cock into the back... BALLBUSTING PICS FEMDOM How to know your hookup a real man Kirsten dunst naked sex Canada group in swinger SPEED DATING IN CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA 675

But the blog is back. Celebrate at near posting your stories! Have any tips for the blog? Send me an email at yoursexstoriestumblr gmail. I lodge b deceive all tips and suggestions seriously and I appreciate them all. Anyways, we were still virgins when we went on a throughway trip to cast off my brother in error at college nearby 4 hours away. My parents were in the in advance seats, my two older brothers in the middle seats and my boyfriend and I in the back bench seat.

It was dark, so he lied down with his head in my lap and I started to rub his waist and legs which I knew was driving him nutty as a fruit cake. I started to slip my fingers one by rhyme under his waistband and slowly keep company with just to temp him, and he started to consort with his hands up and down the inside of my thighs. I could see his erection through his pants so I rubbed his package on top of his jeans with hand whole rubbing my fingers well-deserved under his waist band barely stirring his head.


  • Name: Carmella
  • Age: 33
  • Heigh: 5'.3"
  • Weight: 59 kg.
  • Drinker: Light drinker
  • Sex "toys": Sex doll

  • Films (about sex): Messalina, Messalina!

About ME: I'm 28 years old and i don't feel a day over 18. I enjoy stretching and fisting my both holes and a deep deep throatfuck . I'm very naughty, young girl . Dont bother sending a msg if all your going to say is "hey". I'm natural smart young and very sexxy.

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I love reading nearby sex! I rightful want to part some stories with you. My woman kissed me on the cheek as she left the house to tour clubbing with her girlfriends. She looked fabulous, as many times, dressed in a low cut, terminate black dress, leather knee-high boots and black stockings. As soon as I saw her stuffy the taxi door I raced upstairs to log onto the Internet. When she went loophole with her compatriots every Friday I would spend the whole evening surfing porn sites; masturbating like a kid.

Andrea and I had been merrily married for seven years but; mournfully our sex entity was becoming shop-worn.

Something like that users of social networking for Dating:

  • Books (about sex): "The Joy of Sex"

  • Film genre: Heist film

  • Music: "Don't Pass Me By - The Beatles"

  • Musical genre: Soft rock

  • Sex symbols: Tyrone Power

  • Issue: How to communicate more with popular guys?

  • Problems: Serious anxiety issues...

GET RID OF A PIMPLE QUICKLY My husband and I got married pretty young. He had a very... Wife Sex Stories Tumblr 603 Deepthroat sex instructions 562 How to turn a girl on through texting My wife, with her 38C cup tits and athletic body, is... SUNNY LANE PORN TUTORIAL Easy ways to lose your virginity

I love reading about sex! I just want to share some stories with you. I sat forward on the edge of the pool, my feet dangling in the clear water. My hands behind me, I leaned back with my eyes closed enjoying the sensation of the warm mouth sliding smoothly along the full length of my engorged cock. Though ten-years her senior, my life-long diligence, keeping in shape and eating right, was amply rewarded.

The food was fantastic, the wine was delicious and the conversation was flowing; all of us sharing stories and laughing. Well, most of us, anyway.

What personality trait do you hate in a man? #This story was written for and with a woman who's fantasy it was. This will certainly not be to everyone's taste as it features forced and violent sex. My wife. Celebrate by posting your stories! .. That evening when I got home my wife was kind and attentive and she took me into the bedroom for sex right after we had..

  • I love reading! I love reading about sex! I love sex! I just want to share some stories with you. Happy reading!:).
  • #This story was written for and with a woman who's fantasy it was. This will certainly not be to everyone's taste as it features forced and violent sex. My wife.
  • I love reading about sex! Short Story My wife and I were out at a nice Italian restaurant with my wife's brother and our sister-in-law. The food. Stories are queued for 8am EST and 4pm EST (when there are some to be queued). way home, he'd find that his wife had completely vanished off the face of the Earth. . She's doesn't appear to be a slut outright, but she oozes sex appeal.
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Stories are queued for 8am EST and 4pm EST (when there are some to be queued). way home, he'd find that his wife had completely vanished off the face of the Earth. . She's doesn't appear to be a slut outright, but she oozes sex appeal. Click Here to Submit: 1) True stories. 2) Two paragraphs or less. I felt a bit bad cheating on my husband with his boss but the sex was so insane. . My first wife always said I thought too much with my dick. She said I didn't.

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