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About ME: Hi! my name is Susanne, 33 years old from Port St. Lucie: My favorite movie "Laure (film)" and favorite book about sex "Turning on the Girls". Really would like to meet like minded men for fun and adventure. I am a good friend and I will always help those, who need my help. We will have great time together.

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DESCRIPTION: Seduction is all about paying attention to someone's else's needs and moving forward accordingly. If you want to seduce a woman, spend time getting to know her, set an appropriate atmosphere, and move slowly while getting physical. To seduce a woman, start by putting on some flattering clothes that you feel confident in.

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Help Get Her In The Mood With These Expert Tips

To have sex with a girl, you have to seduce her. Not just her body, her mind. With your words. It has to happen in a woman's mind before you get to have her. When it comes to the art of seduction and getting a woman sexually excited, when you don't get frequent sex or when you aren't sleeping with the woman you . If you want a woman to crave sex with you, you just need become an amazing lover. . Seduce her mind: Most women take time to warm up.

Seduction is all about paying attention to someone's else's needs and moving forward accordingly. If you want to seduce a woman, spend time getting to know her, set an appropriate atmosphere, and move slowly while getting physical. To seduce a woman, start by putting on some flattering clothes that you feel confident in. Log in Facebook Loading We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

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Seduction is all about timing. Part of what makes a person want another person is the anticipation. When you meet a woman you're interested in, proceed slowly.

Wait a bit to approach her and start off by listening more than you talk. Do not reveal your intention right away as this might be off-putting. Move slowly, at least at first. If you want a woman to notice you, you'll have to dress your best. Work on dressing up if How to seduce women to have sex expect to see someone you're attracted to at a How to seduce women to have sex, party, or other event.

Choose nice, flattering clothing. If you're worried your current wardrobe is too drab, go to a department store. You can ask a sales consultant to help you choose an outfit that's flattering for your body. Remember, it's sexy to be yourself. Strive to look your best on your own terms. That is, do not shave if you enjoy having a beard or dress in a suit where you're more of a button down guy.

You won't feel comfortable if you're not behaving like yourself. This is something your date can easily sense and confidence is key to seduction. How to seduce women to have sex much could be overpowering, but a dab of a classy scent can help.

When you approach a woman, try to listen. People tend to be attracted to those who seem interested in them. Rather than boasting about your own accomplishment and telling all your own stories, try listening instead. Try to ask more questions than you answer.

Simple ice breaking questions are nice. Try things like "What do you do for living? Smile, nod, and occasionally offer commentary like "Uh-huh" How to seduce women to have sex "Yeah.

Ask for clarification or further details on stories and personal information. Sexual attraction is tied to personality. Getting to know a person well can actually enhance your sexual feelings for that person. If you do end up successfully seducing a woman, you might enjoy the sexual encounter more if you know the person well. Confidence is something most people are attracted to. Being comfortable with yourself will draw other people to you. Try to proceed with confidence while you interact with the women you' desire.

Remember, there's a fine line between confidence and egomania. Dominating the conversation to brag is off-putting. However, it's fine to take pride in what you do for a living, where you're from, and other details about yourself she might ask for.

Many people are attracted to people with a healthy sense of humor. Try to crack an appropriate joke during your encounter to see if you can impress her with your comedic side. Use body language to flirt. Direct and confident body language can signal your interest. Try using cues to show a woman you're attracted to her and interested in getting physical. Keep your head up and with your shoulders pulled back. Do not fold your arms or hold a drink across your chest.

Signal in every way you're feeling confident. Take a woman's hand to lead her around a bar or wherever you meet her. Guide her by placing your hand on the small of her back. Try and slowly get a How to seduce women to have sex more comfortable with your touch. Try an appropriate pick-up line. Pick-up lines have How to seduce women to have sex bad rap.

However, if How to seduce women to have sex choose a pick-up line that's not overused or sleazy, it can actually highlight your charm and get a woman interested.

Research on pick-up lines shows that this is a situation where highlighting your good qualities--that is, bragging a little--can help. Women respond less favorably to pick-up lines that are empty compliments or sexual in nature.

They tend to be more interested in pick-up lines that allow them to learn something about a stranger that helps them stand out amongst other potential matches. As a firefighter I think you might be the source of the fire here. Work in your occupation, if it's interesting, or some of your hobbies or positive qualities. Do not leave it at a pick-up line, however. Research indicates pick-up lines work best when they're followed by conversation. Use smell to your advantage.

When you invite a woman over, a pleasant aroma is key to successful seduction. Try opening the windows for a few hours before she comes, letting any bad smells out. Choose a smell that's pleasant without being overpowering, like a light vanilla scent or something like sandalwood. Try to do a little research into what she likes beforehand. Try to work questions about smell into a conversation.

Ask her about types of perfumes she likes or body washes to get a sense of the kind of smells she prefers. A little music can help get her in the mood.

Remember, keep the focus on her and not you. Choose a type of music she'd like but also songs that are slow, soothing, and sensual. Ask her about her musical tastes beforehand. Try putting on a band she likes, but choose songs that are slower. Quicker pop tunes are more likely to put someone in How to seduce women to have sex dancing mood than a sexual mood. Stick to somewhat non-traditional choices so your date won't end up rolling her eyes.

Ambiance is important when it comes to seduction. Try to set the mood with a little decoration. Candles and mood lighting can go a long way.

If you're sleeping with someone for the first How to seduce women to have sex, she might be a little insecure.

Dimming the lights and using candles can help her feel more comfortable getting undressed. Candles are also viewed as romantic and exciting by many. A nice, clean house can make you come off as put together and responsible, which can be a turn on for many. When starting to initiate things, move slowly. Initiate touch by sitting close, placing your hand on her knee or shoulder.

Seduction, once again, is all about pacing. Going too fast can be a turn off. The first kiss should be gentle, more than a peck but not full on making out. Leave her wanting more. Try to figure out her kissing style as well.

How did she kiss back? That gives you a clue as to what she might enjoy. How to seduce women to have sex fall into routines in longterm relationships, which can get boring. Try making out, say, in the kitchen or hopping in the shower with your wife or girlfriend. Focus on her erogenous zones. Erogenous zones are parts of the body that stimulate sexual desire when touched, kissed, licked, or otherwise caressed. Not everyone's erogenous zones are the same, but certain areas of the body tend to be sensitive for many women.

The neck and ears have many nerve endings and are generally not touched during the day.

The answer to that question has been the subject of countless books and articles offering strategies and seduction techniques on how to bed a woman — and keep her coming back for more. If you want a woman to crave sex with you, you just need become an amazing lover. Women love incredible sex just as much as men do. Of course, you should respect the fact that some women may just not want to have sex with you — ever.

But sexual dysfunction and psychological issues notwithstanding, if a woman is less than enthusiastic about having sex with you more than once, there is a good chance that your bedroom skills could use a little fine-tuning.

Yes, you read that right: Many of the tips in this article come from my good friend, Seattle-based board-certified sex therapist Dr. It can take a little bit of time and patience, but the payoff will be so worth it. Desire starts in the mind. We love the dream of a white knight who will sweep us off our feet in a whirlwind of romance. So pay attention to us — in and out of the bedroom. Look us in the eyes and really listen when we share our thoughts, feelings, desires, or just tell you about our day.

In fact, when touched, our bodies release their very own cuddle chemical:

Easy Tips To Make Her Horny

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About ME: Massage your balls I am very much interested to meet new people. I do have some traditional values, as i do believe a man should take care of a lady. I am not into dilly dallying--but i am also not into meeting without seeing what you look like.

When it comes to the subterfuges of seduction and getting a woman sexually excited, Huffington Job sums up the whole conundrum perfectly: To get a miss to sleep with you, you need to ignite a reproductive spark and turn her on.

To turn things around swiftly, use this Fantasy Ignition art to ensure she gets turned on and thinks about you in a sexual way. When you know how to fashion a woman on, everything else goes out the window. Start getting her sexually excited and tuned into the idea of sleeping with you by using these under the radar animal activators. When a woman gets turned on, she becomes get ahead less selective and turns her mind almost exclusively to the thought of getting you guts her — and she repeatedly becomes quite aggressive to rise up in the world what she wants.

Let me leave you with one more tip. You want to be THAT guy. So how do you do it? One system is to send her psychologically addictive texts. And you can stop stressing about exactly what to send because right here you can find 5 subject-matter messages that trigger psychological addiction.

Objectum-sexuality--attraction to objects: how do you feel about it? To have sex with a girl, you have to seduce her. Not just her body, her mind. With your words. It has to happen in a woman's mind before you get to have her. Making a woman feel the desire to have sex is actually a lot easier than most guys realize. . Attract her, make her feel sexy and turn her on with your touch..

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Firstly, if you want to seduce a girl or even make her like you, you need to be a great guy who can [Read: How to turn a girl into a sex buddy by texting at night] . If you want a woman to crave sex with you, you just need become an amazing lover. . Seduce her mind: Most women take time to warm up. When it comes to the art of seduction and getting a woman sexually excited, when you don't get frequent sex or when you aren't sleeping with the woman you .

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