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DESCRIPTION: Lots of Christian leaders have sought in vain to find masturbation mentioned in the Bible. And Old Testament levirate law said that when an Israelite man died childless, his brother needed to marry the widow, impregnate her, Christian masturbation blog name the first son for the deceased—to give the dead brother a remembered name.

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Masturbation and Christian Singles | Single Christians Who Masturbate

'Some Christians say masturbation is sinful and we must strive to conquer it,' said the email. 'Others consider it normal and natural. When I picked up that romance novel, I hadn't planned on masturbating. I simply followed my body's urges to what seemed like a natural release. But that first. If it's not battling porn use or masturbation, it's battling thought life or sexual Sex in Christian marriage should reflect the New Testament's ethic in general.

5 Biblical Ways to Stop Masturbating - Date Hookup!

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Christian women, what is your view of masturbation? As Christian masturbation blog man, spending Christian masturbation blog with the woman I'm seeing becomes physically painful after she leaves. We've been Christian masturbation blog each other for about 4 weeks and I have a belief that sex is best saved for after marriage. I'm a very disciplined person and strive to do what is best and healthiest.

Used to believe masturbation was a sin, because of the whole Onan thing. Then kind of justified masturbation as okay because it's better than having sex. Then realized that these urges are perfectly normal and masturbation literally hurts no one, and that it would be insane for God to actually be upset about it.

Read Onan passage for myself and realized that the issue is that Onan was deceptive and essentially raping his Christian masturbation blog wife, not that he spilled his seed. Depends on the time of day and the context. Sometimes, masturbation is easy to resist.

Sometimes I'm really horny. The passage doesn't even say that Onan was masturbating, just that he "spilled his seed upon the ground", which sounds more like he was pulling out. At least growing up, we were told that hat passage was why the Church was against masturbation - because masturbation is "spilling the seed" the same way Onan did. But like you just said, I think if you read the passage, it's fairly obvious that the spilling of the seed wasn't the sin - it was that the woman Onan was having sex with was under the impression that they were doing it to further her husband's line, and Onan Christian masturbation blog deceived her, thus raping her.

Ok, maybe I'm missing Christian masturbation blog. If the sin is the seed hitting the ground, or whatever, why is a sin for women to masturbate? No seed spilling on our end: This is why I find this baffling. There's no seed spilling at all. Menstruation is the spilling of seed? But it is a perfectly natural occurrence. The male equivalent is sinful? I don't think Christian masturbation blog. Maybe guys can sin, but we're not spilling anything Definitely Christian masturbation blog used that justification in religion class before, and didn't get any response from the teacher.

I was never told by my church leaders, counselors or Christian masturbation blog that masturbation was bad. They preached the Bible but had a separate children's program that focused on unity, being close to God and social and environmental situations in Christian masturbation blog community.

We talked about sex and masturbation but it was more, "This is your body" type talk like we had in school. Questions were answered, and that was that. I am a Christian and I am of the opinion that masturbation is not a bad thing.

For men and women. We are not needing to expand the population like it was referring to in the spilling the seed passage of the old testament and, as far as I am aware, Jesus said nothing about it. I generally do not do it myself, because I do not enjoy it very much because it is a fuck ton of work and just becomes a chore.

Hi, I'm 27 and my husband and I have been married almost 3 years. We dated long distance several hours apart so we saw each other roughly 2 weekends a month for 3.

When my husband and I were dating, we were committed to saving sex for marriage BUT it was not a taboo topic to us. God designed our bodies to operate this way, and that's not bad. We made it a point to be open with each other about these things as our relationship developed, and we didn't vilify ourselves for having sexual feelings. We just had a line that we chose not to cross. To me saving Christian masturbation blog for marriage has a lot of similarities to the Christian masturbation blog of Lent.

I'm not Catholic but I do observe Lent. It's about depending on God, making a commitment to each other, and being more than your physical urges. Eating meat or whatever is not sinful but when you give it up for Lent you are training your self control muscle and developing your faith. Same with abstinence before marriage, with the added benefit of avoiding hosts of potential problems.

Side note, I Christian masturbation blog have no issue with masturbation within the context of marriage UNLESS you are doing it to the neglect of your spouse, or if you have a problem with porn. I have no problems with masturbation. I think it's natural and healthy, and very much enjoy it solo and with the SO's help. Just like anything else, people can sometimes become addicted in various ways to various things. Just like alcohol or any recreational drug, if one starts planning activities around masturbation, or neglecting relationships because of it, it can then become problematic.

However, in general, learn your body and enjoy it. I was raised Christian, but the guilt and shame that developed from that environment didn't mesh with how I perceived the Christian masturbation blog as I became an adult. Masturbation is a healthy expression of sexual Christian masturbation blog. Even if you believe sex should only happen between two married people, how good will that sex be if neither of you know yourselves and what feels good?

It releases tension, and it feels Christian masturbation blog. As long as you're doing it privately and in moderation, IMO there's nothing wrong with it. I masturbate times a week. Usually it happens in bunches, then won't happen for a few days.

Sometimes having sex with my wife will alleviate the need, but other times it just stimulates my libido for a day or two.

I don't see masturbation as something to "resist", any more than I see other mundane activities as something to "resist". I was raised Christian, but am not sure I would still go by that title even though I retain most of the beliefs. One parent Catholic, so I was raised with the idea that sex is all around pretty scandalous unless it's just intercourse with the man you're married to.

And even then, certain acts Christian masturbation blog just too shameful. There are much worse things a person can do. I also don't really follow the Bible word for word. And having been raised with many Catholic beliefs, one starts Christian masturbation blog drown in the feeling of sin and guilt. I don't believe that is the purpose of resting one's faith in God or Jesus. It's part of life. But I don't think there is a reason to feel disgusting or ashamed because you're acting on a desire that affects no one but you.

I think masturbation Christian masturbation blog a pleasurable activity and a part of a healthy sex live. If you can't figure out Christian masturbation blog works well for you, how are you going to direct an intimate partner in the future? I'm not sure what this means.

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Christian masturbation blog Your window into the female mind. This is a subreddit dedicated to asking women questions... Christian masturbation blog 428 WOMEN SEX SOUND DOWNLOAD 628 Christian masturbation blog 690 Curvy milf gets nailed 302 Christian masturbation blog 754

Masturbation and Christian Singles. Christian Singles and Masturbation. Is it a sin to masturbate? Are you feeling awkward yet? Most pastors superficially are because they avoid the masturbation topic at all costs.

This is a little ironic, to say the least, when inspect after survey reveals a majority of married and simple Christians of all different ages guys and gals masturbate, and suffer vehement guilt over it. I personally go by hundreds of emails on this locality regularly from Christian singles struggling with masturbation. As a Christian single, righteous what are your feelings about masturbation? Are you a masturbator?

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  • May I annex, that Ashley is not Carol Woods' daughter.

  • 'Some Christians say masturbation is sinful and we must strive to conquer it,' said the email. 'Others consider it normal and natural. He blogs at Experimental Theology. First, I'd like to bring up the issue of Internet pornography and its relationship to masturbation. With the rise.
  • When I picked up that romance novel, I hadn't planned on masturbating. I simply followed my body's urges to what seemed like a natural release. But that first.

Should I take a gap year and wait for my girlfriend? Lots of Christian leaders have sought in vain to find masturbation mentioned in the Bible. It's just not there, so perhaps we're going overboard. When I picked up that romance novel, I hadn't planned on masturbating. I simply followed my body's urges to what seemed like a natural release. But that first..

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About ME: Like white guys not going to lie green/blue eyes I always traveling in some parts of europe. All mine :) I want someone who is experienced and will guide me through this process.

When I picked up that romance novel, I hadn't planned on masturbating. I simply followed my body's urges to what seemed like a natural release. But that first. As a single Christian, just what are your feelings about masturbation and Christian Singles? Are you a masturbator? Do you struggle with guilt. Lots of Christian leaders have sought in vain to find masturbation mentioned in the Bible. It's just not there, so perhaps we're going overboard.

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